Monday, July 02, 2007

Some Strange Finishes Monday at the World Open

Watching the games online has been fascinating for this year's World Open, and there were some hefty slugfests on Monday night. These were accompanied by some very odd moves at the end though.

The board one duel between Akobian and Stripunsky ended abruptly after the time control when Stripunsky played:

Then came
41.Bf3 1-0.
Of course, the position was lost anyway, but ouch!

Bryan Smith-Alex Shabalov was a wild game in the Latvian's pet anti-4-pawns' Alekhine line with the quick c5.

This position seems awful hard to play for white, but I didn't think it was over just yet.
30.d6 Ndxb2+
Yeah, and white's losing a piece. Wasn't it possible to play Nd2? I haven't sat down with my thinking cap, but there's got to be something better than what happened:
into the pin??!!
A beautiful rejoinder by Shabalov - what a headspinner. It's this next move though that really weirded me out:
32.Qxf5 0-1
What in the world is that? Very odd.


Blogger transformation said...

i know this quick c5 line, and while i am not an 1.e4 player, knew a master who showed it to me--who used to live with Seirawan. he was obscessed with that line.

i really admire your blog, and it is dependably excellent. thank you. dk

2:24 AM  

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